Post-Debate Reflections

Truth be told, I puttered around during the debate.  I listened, and I watched a little.  I also washed dishes, swept the kitchen floor and looked for my glasses, which I have still be unable to locate.  (These are my new glasses.  My first pair lasted for 15 years.  I’ve had this pair for less than two months.  I’ll pay whoever finds them $10.)  I did listen, though.  My impulse up until that point had been to go upstairs and shut the bedroom door.  I stayed engaged and tried to center myself in the midst of the candidates’ conflict, which is an achievement for me.  Having something to do probably helped, but that’s a good thing to know, too. I’ve since tried the welcoming prayer while helping my frustrated third grader work on her spelling homework, and at the moment I looked down at my five year old and noticed that one of her eyes was all pink and yucky.  My prayer is that this prayer works with practice.

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